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More Common Sense: Let's Talk Local SEO

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Below is a continuation of the local SEO marketing ideas/list I started last month. I'll be talking to the MHDA members about some of these ideas for their marketing strategies.

As I mentioned on the landpage, volunteering for local charities is also a great opportunity to meet new people and add value to your community at the same time. I finished my volunteering at the AT&T Pro-Am and had a great time and the proceeds benefit

many non-profits in the Monterey area.

Pebble Beach
Pebble Beach

3. Google Search: This is basically a Google search in Chrome for a service or item.

4. FaceBook: This can also be a valuable business page and can help you reach local customers through social media engagement. Facebook is still one of the lowest cost platforms for advertising.

5. Linkedin Individual or Business Page: Linkedin is usually viewed as best suited for B2B communications and engagements, but if you have a storefront or restaurant it doesn’t hurt to build one. You can even post to it periodically as you would on Facebook.

6. Website Optimization for Mobile: This is the trend of how customers are interacting with websites currently. Since about 50% of views and searches are made from smart phones these days websites need to be optimized for small screens. Otherwise, all the hard work done above could be for naught.

Of course this is not a complete list of digital marketing tools available on the “interwebs” but it is a pretty good list for easy, powerful, and free. Good Luck in 2020!

Here is the Company Mascot stealing some cold coffee while I write this post.
Here is the Company Mascot stealing some cold coffee

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