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Latest Premium Sites
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Fundraising website for a local charity. ZK Web Design provided web development, email campaigns, and digital marketing strategies. This website allowed us to reach our community during the Pandemic and provide results as good as pre-Pandemic, even though fundraising had been vastly reduced in 2020 for most non-profits.

ZK Web Design digital marketing drove the online fund raising campaigns for the last 4 years, and helped raise almost $700K over four years for the Annual Sweepstakes!

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This client started her business at the beginning of the Pandemic. She is an underwater photographer and has become very successful and well known in the Bay Area for her outstanding videos and stills which she posts on social media.

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Limnoterra, Inc. primarily focuses on serving clients within Florida and North Carolina.  However, with experience throughout the Southeastern United States, they are happy to discuss your project needs in any region.

Check out Limnoterra they have a great story.

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Insuravita is an insurance advertising website. The Client switched to a Wix website from WordPress. The WordPress site became outdated and too expensive for maintenance and plugins over a period of years. We provided all of the same functionality for the client such as geoblocking, security, and ease of use.

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This website has been a very exciting project to work on!! I worked closely with the MHDA and together we developed a unique website that captures the look and feel of downtown Morgan Hill. I also greatly reduced their hosting costs as compared to GrowthZone.

As the Vice President of the MHDA, I implement and execute the annual fund raising campaigns which have grown to over $100K per year.


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I promote clients websites on my Facebook page with several boosts which elevates their businesses in the community.

I use my Facebook page and Google My Business to promote clients which don't have a social media presence. My Google Advisor account can deliver 10K views to local businesses and my Facebook page can deliver 1K-4K views.


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Higher Grounds Bakery looks delicious no matter what!


It incorporates high-resolution images with vibrant colors. We specifically balanced the earth tones of the baked goods with other colored objects such as fruits, berries, and bowls.


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