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Top reasons you need a new web developer

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Web Design is not a "one and done" endeavor and neither is marketing. A fair amount of tweaking and redesign goes on before there is a finished product. Then over time changes in customer behavior or expectation take a new direction and companies that don't anticipate this change are left behind. This is the current state of the online environment for small business and e-commerce websites. How well your web design company accommodates these changes holds the key to your digital success! Here are few good lack of success factors to ponder.

1. Your website displays awesome on both smartphones and tablets. This is crucial since over 50% of websites are being viewed on smartphones. If a potential customer is looking up a local retail venue or restaurant and the website looks bad on their mobile phone. They may very well exit your website(bounce) and continue their search for other vendors. Most websites today are either not optimized for speed or mobile display. Your web developer needs to be reviewing and fixing mobile issues as they arise.

2. Your website doesn't seem to draw in customers as it used to. Business owners need to be fully aware of their online analytics. Customer visits and engagement is why you paid for a web developer in the first place and now pay for web hosting among other things. Bounce rates change over time and here are a few reasons why, landing pages get stale and updates break links or munge text and images.

3. Too much generic content, need I say more.

4. No SEO strategy or follow-up. SEO performance changes just as Googles algorithms change. That is why bounce rates need to be monitored over time and engaging content refreshed periodically.


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