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Starting a Business during COVID-19?

Maybe now is the time to finally take the entrepreneurial jump you have been

thinking about for so long and the current business struggles from

COVID-19 have been the tipping point for you. Finimpact has a lot of great ideas,

strategies and resources for you.

I have read through most of their website and will mention that it is lengthly but also very insightful and supportive. They have also taken great care to keep their information and posts up to date.

Recently, I helped a small business start in the middle of the Corona Virus shut down and it is gaining momentum consistently. My client already possessed a great deal of domaine experience in her chosen business, which is underwater photography. All I needed to do was formulate her knowledge into a business model which we incorporated into her website.

Finimpact has articles and tools to help you through the same process, except building websites. Be sure to browse through their business startup section for helpful tips, you won't be disappointed!

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