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Monterey Peninsula Business Update

Business Roundtable – 11/10/2020 - 10:00am MISSION: Success in two stages during the Covid-19: 1) Response to the immediate threat 2) Economic recovery when the threat diminishes.

Recap Response to immediate threat 1. City of Monterey. Request for tier adjustment denied by CA Dept. of Health: Monterey County remains in Purple; Incumbents re-elected; Measure Y (TOT increase) passed with 72.50% approval. 2. General Conversation: Workforce Development Board: Summary of the California Employers program to benefit Chamber members. Monterey County pays for annual membership in California Employers Association services (HR);; all members of MC Business Alliance will have free access for 1 year: Big Sur, Carmel, Carmel Valley, Pacific Grove, Monterey Peninsula, Salinas Valley, Soledad-Mission and King City Chambers of Commerce and MCHA. 3. Construction. Residential continues to be strong due to low interest rates and high demand; multi-family housing strong locally; commercial projects are soft; public works active and funding is still needed (Hwy 156.) 4. Agriculture. Harvest season ending; ag workers moving to Arizona; test numbers increasing and positivity rate goes lower; bad year for agriculture including wineries. 5. Hospitality & Tourism. Denial of tier adjustment is a blow to many restaurants and other small businesses. 6. Retail. No major change to report: active weekends & slower weekdays. 7. State of California. Sacramento report. “Halloween Surge”: uptick in numbers; no expectation of a vaccine to ordinary people soon; Bay Area setting up 14-day self-quarantine when coming from another county or state; gatherings are discouraged. 8. Non-Profit sector. United Way converting to virtual and fundraising via MC Gives!

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