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Living the dream, or at least your dream?

If your not leveraging the benefits of "local" digital marketing your missing out on a very important opportunity to increase revenues with no risk and little investment. This is how your business can fit into the internet puzzle. This is NOT a "I got to think out of the box problem". Setting up a solid and engaging local digital presence is like putting one foot in front of the other. It's just follow through with known and successful techniques.

One of the main benefits of a strong website is the local effect. Research shows people search Google first for a local business before reaching out further. A local business should have a "Google My Business" page (free from Google), signup in Google maps (also free), a Linkedin page (still free), FaceBook page (still free) and Instagram (free also). While this sounds like a lot, all of these services or social applications point back to your business website and are ways to reach out to your local community. So when you post and boost something cool on FaceBook, it will automatically post on Instagram.

Many small businesses say they rely on referrals, which of course are a very powerful tool, but for some industries referrals alone provide roller coaster revenues. We promote using several means to fill your sales funnel. Give us a call to see how we can help.

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