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Disaster Relief Fund For Businesses

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

These are tough times for individuals and small businesses due

to the uncertainty of what the future holds and stay at home restrictions.

Here a few ideas to help make the time spent shut in more productive:

1. If you are experiencing cash flow issues with your business now or

in the foreseeable future, you might consider applying for an SBA Disaster

Relief Fund Loan, they have low interest rates and flexible terms. The Federal

Government will make funding the small business sector a priority to help

keep the economy going during the CORVID-19 pandemic and the loan

2. Use Zoom free account. These are great services but I have heard complaints about

slow or sketchy broadband speeds. This would be expected since almost everyone is

online and streaming from home.

3. Develop marketing strategies for the CORVID-19 pandemic. Develop a strategy for (1) the time period when consumers are quarantined at home(if your business is open and considered essential, think curbside deliveries for restaurants), or business improvements you can work on while your store is closed and (2) the time period after the quarantine is lifted and business resumes, revisit your supply chain and vendors pricing, consider offering post-pandemic promos.

4. Add local SEO to your website and utilize all free services available such as Google Maps and Google My Business.

I hope these ideas are useful and can at least offer some help. Feel free to email me directly for helpful SEO steps.

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