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Did you know: Small Business Lending

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

on Thursday the 16th, the $349 billion emergency small business lending program officially tapped out? The Small Business Administration officially ran out of money for the Paycheck Protection Program, according to a message for lenders posted on the administration's website.

Even in these trying times, there are several options you can utilize to increase your visibility in your community.  Therefore, when the shelter-in-place is over new customers can find you quickly and old customers can share your online information. "The vast majority of people (81%) use smartphones for “near me” searches, with a small number favoring tablets (9%) and the rest using desktops or laptops (22%)." To enhance your visibility you should take advantage of free services from Google, Foursquare and Facebook. Please contact us for a free consultation. We want to drive your business to the top 

of the list! (see examples below)

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